Online calculator for calculating earthing system

  This online calculator will help you to quickly and accurately perform the calculation parameters of the grounding system in the two-layer soil, consisting of vertical earthing. Input format - x.xx (delimiter - point)

Calculation of the parameters of earthing system

The top layer of soil:

Climatic factor:

The lower layer of soil:

Number of vertical earthing:

The depth of the top layer of soil, H (m):

The length of vertical grounding, L1 (m):

The depth of the horizontal earthing, h2 (m):

The length of the connecting strip, L3 (m):

Diameter of vertical earthing, D (m):

The width of the shelf of horizontal earthing, b (m):

The electrical resistance of the soil (ohm/m):

The resistance of a single vertical grounding (ohm):

The length of horizontal grounding (m):

Resistance to horizontal earthing (ohm):

The total resistance of spreading the electric current (ohm):