Quality Policy


  Cable Plant "Energoprom" - one of the largest manufacturers of cable products in Ukraine. In its work, the management of Cable Plant "Energoprom" Dnepropetrovsk is guided by the rule:
Quality assurance must be included in each process.

The principles of the quality policy:

1. The decision of problems of quality assurance should involve all employees of the company.

2. The required quality level determines the consumer.

3. The quality management system processes comply with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001.
These processes ensure the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the enterprise.

4. Quality Management System is certified by an internationally recognized organization "Bureau Veritas" with a certificate that guarantees customer satisfaction of his claims and the enterprise - increasing the competitiveness of products. Bureau Veritas (BUREAU VERITAS) - a recognized leader in the field of quality assurance and evaluation (more than 237 companies certified according to the CIS).

5. The purpose of the enterprise: the stability and continuous improvement of the design and manufacture of products based on high professionalism of employees.

6. Enterprise Strategy: full satisfaction of contract requirements and expectations of customers taking into the account the dynamics of changes in market demands and society.

7. By controlling the quality, we are committed to the principles of quality management, established international standards ISO 9000, and continuously improve our activities in the interests of consumers and the public in compliance with the collective interests of the plant.

8. Activities of the plant will be organized and directed in such the way as to meet the requirements for a quality management system established by the international standard ISO 9001: 2000.

Management's Responsibility:

   Guide Cable Plant "Energoprom" takes responsibility for solving quality problems and said the priority for actions by:

• creation of an optimal structure of the enterprise and the necessary organizational conditions;
• take the necessary decisions in order to achieve the quality management system;
• provision of information and continuous training of employees;
• creating a proper atmosphere and a positive working atmosphere in the team, contributing to the     effective identification and resolution of quality problems;
• improve the quality of work in order to achieve quality objectives
• making decisions for the effectiveness of the actions of officials.

  Management assumes the responsibility for the fact that quality policy is communicated to, understood and supported personnel within the enterprise.