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Cable Plant Energoprom Good afternoon! You logged on to the official website of one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of cable products in Ukraine - Cable Plant "Energoprom". We are the powerful and active participant in the market of cable products. The activity of our company is aimed at providing consumers with the most complete range of wire and cable domestic production. The factory was established in 1995 in the city of Dnipro. Located directly in the heart of the industrial zone of Ukraine, Cable Plant "Energoprom" quickly turned into a powerful and highly efficient enterprise, the main focus of which was the production of power cables with plastic insulation with copper and aluminum conductor cross-section of 1x1 mm² up to 5x50 mm² voltage 660V and a cross-section of 1x1 mm² to mm² 5x240 1000V and 6000V voltage for different applications.

Production of power cables

The range of plant products, as always impressive:

  • Power cables 3,6/6 kV: Al/PVC/CuT/PVC 3,6/6 kV, Al/PVC/CuT/STA/PVC 3,6/6 kV, Al/PVC/SC/CuT/PVC 3,6/6 kV, Al/PVC/SC/CuT/STA/PVC 3,6/6 kV, Cu/PVC/CuT/PVC 3,6/6 kV, Cu/PVC/CuT/STA/PVC 3,6/6 kV, Cu/PVC/SC/CuT/PVC 3,6/6 kV, Cu/PVC/SC/CuT/STA/PVC 3,6/6 kV;
  • Power cables: NAYY, NYY, NAYBY, NYBY, N2XB2Y, N2XBY, NA2XB2Y, NA2XBY, NA2XY, N2XY, NYY, NYM;
  • Power cables, flame retardant: NAYY flame retardant, NYY flame retardant, NAYBY flame retardant, NYBY flame retardant, NHXCH FE180/E90, CSP-FR (180), NHXH FE180/E90;
  • Control cables: NAYY, NAYCY, NYY, NYCY, NAYBY, NYBY, LiYCY, LiYY, NHXH FE180/E90, NHXCH FE180/E90;
  • Electronic cables: Li2YY, Li2YCY, LiYY, LiYCY, LiYY (TP), LiYCY (TP), LiYCYZY, H05VVH6 (round);
  • Insulated wires: H05VV-F, H05VVY2-F, H05V-A-R, H05V-U, H05V-R, H05V-K, LiY, H07V2-K, NSGAFÖU, NSSHÖU;
  • Overhead lines wires: AsXSn, AXKA, AMKA, AXKA-T, AMKA-T, NFA2X, ALUS, EX, ABC, AsXS, AAC, ACSR, AACSR, C;

We hope that our range of cable products, you will always find the one that you need.Twiner Drum Twister 1600 for power cables up to 35 mm cross section
Our plant is constantly carried out technical equipment change, introducing new technologies, increased skill level and professionalism of all our staff. All this allows us to continually expand our range of products, improve the quality of the products and enter new markets.

 Rough drawing machine for copper wire

Our products are in demand by many enterprises not only in Ukraine but also in other CIS countries.