Plant Energoprom

   Cable Plant "Energoprom" - one of the leading Ukrainian enterprises for the production and sale of cable and wire products. Manufacturing of these products in the enterprise was started in 1995. Since then, the cables and wires to mark the factory Cable Plant "Energoprom", delivered more than 1,000 consumers in all regions of Ukraine and CIS countries.

   Our company is equipped with the most modern, high performance, technological eq


uipment, lines, high-speed stranding conductors, cable steel tape booking lines, extrusion lines for application of the outer shell, as well as lines for drawing aluminum and copper wire used in the manufacture of power cable construction. At all stages of product manufacturing is carried out continuous automatic control of process parameters.   Cable Plant Energoprom produces various types of power, armored, control, high-voltage cables, as well as a large number of wires, including self-supporting and non-insulated. They are intended for laying in soils of all types of categories, special pipes, in cable ducts, in the pit, on overpasses and bridges, as well as provide for the suspension on the support of air and high voltage transmission power lines, for installation inside and around the perimeter of buildings.

  Cable Plant "Energoprom" in recent years is one of the leaders in the number of produced power cable and sel

Cable Plant Energoprom, a manufacturer of power cables

f-supporting wires in Ukraine. In 2010 alone, the plant produced 20 thousand kilometers of cables of different types, which is a substantial fraction of the total Ukrainian market. The testing laboratory of our enterprise it equipped with the most modern equipment, which allows test cables to the mechanical stress, the maximum permissible voltage at which it can operate, as well as the determined resistance of the cable insulation.

  On the basis of experience gained the production and the results of its application is constantly expanding the range of products while improving its quality characteristics. High quality cable, efficient production system, factory warranty, as well as many years of experience in

Cable Plant Energoprom

the cable market, enables us a regular supplier of large factories and enterprises of Dnipro and Ukraine as a whole.

  Our highly qualified specialists will always help you in solving your problems, beginning with the choice of the brand of cable and ending with the selection of a specific section, taking into account conditions of operation of our products.