History of the plant

Cable Plant "Energoprom"
located in the center of a highly developed industrial zone of Ukraine, in the city of Dnipro. The factory was founded in 1995. Until that date, it was a small company that sells products Azovkabel cable plant. Then, at the same Plant, we bought a small list of the equipment and engaged in production. Since then, actually begins the story of the enterprise, and the hard way from the beginning of production activity "from scratch" to the recognition of the plant one of the leading enterprises in the cable industry in the country. Of course, it was not easy and even very hard to build a factory, without any investment. In connection with the continued growth in the years the demand for cable and wire, had all the time to update and increase the productivity of the equipment. Always there was a shortage of working capital. Yet our factory survived and gradually began to build momentum. Every two years launched a new shop, which allowed to keep up with competitors and to keep pace with the times. Creating a transport department helped deliver cable customers their vehicles. This greatly increased the sale of cables and wires.

Cable Plant Energoprom - construction of the first plant

  Over the years our company has expanded considerably, purchased modern equipment for the manufacture of cable products, has launched a new production line and has expanded the range of products. Gradually we became a small but very efficient and modern enterprise.
   But most importantly, that the team has achieved over the years of our factory is becoming a high credibility, both among producers and consumers of cable products. This allows you to always be afloat and hold a leading position among cable operators of Ukraine.

Construction of the next workshop Cable Plant EnergopromStarting twisting machine for power cables up to 300 mm in cross-section